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Rogers PCB: A Helpful Guide!

In today’s world, the demand for high-performance electronic items is increasing rapidly. But most of these products are driven by Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs with high-quality dielectric constant and stable temperatures. The PCB manufacturers of today can easily achieve all these things by using top PCB materials.

They have become an excellent replacement for the Flame Retardant or FR4, along with materials that ensure thermal management, power distribution, and power efficiency. So, to create one of the best PCBs of all time, Rogers Corporations, one of the best PCB manufacturers in the world, stepped in.

The company is not just creating high-performance PCB materials but also meeting all the requirements of the printed circuit board manufacturers. They provide a wide range of substrates that assures top-notch performance with less signal loss. The rogers PCB price is pretty reasonable but less expensive than the FR4 ones.

Things to Know About the Rogers PCB

Many say that the Rogers PCB price is much higher than the traditional FR4 ones. This is true because the PCBs manufactured by Rogers Corporation utilize high-quality and advanced materials. But the Rogers PCB is viewed as a raw material that has no fiberglass at the center. It utilizes a ceramic base in the form of a high-frequency material.

All the co-efficiency, temperature stability, and dielectric constant are consistent with the copper foil. This can be used to improve all the deficiencies of the PTFE substrates. These printed circuit boards are designed for high-speed electronic devices, radio frequency applications, and many more.

Besides that, the Rogers PCBs are extremely suitable for high-humidity applications. It will provide customers within the high-frequency board sector with related resources and world-class materials that greatly enhance product quality. They are used by many well-known companies across the globe so that they can provide customers with good products.

What Makes Roger PCBs Better Than FR4 PCBs?

Apart from the Rogers PCB price, several other things make the Rogers PCB a much better option than the flame redundant ones. Some of its notable attributes, which add to its popularity, are:

  • Less electrical and dielectric signal loss during the time of performance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Outstanding dimension stability
  • Enhanced impedance control
  • Lessening of outgassing within all the space applications
  • Low level of thermal expansion
  • Uniform and standard electrical properties
  • Excellent resistance to all sorts of chemicals.

Various Types of Rogers PCB Materials: Which Are They?

Experts say that materials can also impact the Rogers PCB price, so it’s important to check the materials before the PCB manufacturing. There are many types of world-class PCB materials provided by Rogers Corporation.

These materials meet all the strictest technical performance needs for modern-day smart devices. Under this section, you will come across the two main categories of these materials, which have the power to withstand high stresses and temperatures.

1. RO4000 Series

When you need something of high-frequency performance along with a low-cost circuit fabrication, you must consider investing in the RO4000 series. These hydrocarbon ceramic laminates have outstanding dimensional stability, low dielectric tolerance, and less in-plane expansion coefficient.

These Rogers PCB price materials are not expensive and guarantee both high frequency and high speed simultaneously. Some of the most popular materials under the RO4000 series are:

  • RO4003C
  • RO4350B
  • RO4360G2
  • RO4400T / RO4400
  • RO4500
  • RO4700
  • RO4830

2. RO3000 Series

These PCB materials are made from ceramic and contain PTFE composites, which are available without or with woven glass reinforcements. The materials are created to provide proper mechanical properties for various dielectric constants. The materials are also equipped with outstanding electrical properties, which are of high frequencies.

Apart from these features, they are mainly used for RF applications and microwaves. Popular PCB materials available under this RO3000 series are:

  • RO3003
  • RO3003G2
  • RO3006
  • RO3010
  • RO3035
  • RO3210

Factors to Consider When Choosing Rogers PCB Substrates?

Although the Rogers PCB price is viewed as a primary factor when PCB manufacturers think of creating them, the substrates also play an important part. It’s mainly because the Rogers PCB substrates come with multiple features and properties. So, when deciding on the substrates, you must consider some important factors. Several of these factors are:

  • Decomposition temperature
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Moisture absorption
  • Dielectric constant

What are the Applications of Rogers PCB Materials

Just like there are different Rogers PCB prices available, you will also find that the Rogers PCB substrates endless applications in many sorts of boards. These boards go for telecommunication, military, automotive, wireless, and defense. The following are the applications where the Rogers PCB materials are popularly used:

  • Backhaul Radios
  • Cellular Base Station Antennas
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Sensors and Radar
  • RFID or RF Identification Tags
  • Microwave Equipment
  • Automated Test Equipment or ATE
  • 5G Station

Steps to Find the Best Rogers PCB Company

Rogers Corporations do not just create their PCBs for their customers. They also supply their products to other companies to take care of the selling work behalf of them. This means that there are many PCB companies that provide the Rogers PCBs and the Rogers PCB price might also fall under your budget. But some companies also create a replica of the Rogers PCBs and sell them to people as real ones.

If you wish to purchase from the right source, you need to begin your work with research. Through research, you will find various companies supplying authentic Rogers PCBs. While doing the research, you will also come across the Rogers PCB price, the company’s history, and the various other products they offer.

Along with the Rogers PCB price and products, you must also check whether or not the company has the license or it’s registered to offer these products. That way, you’ll know whether or not the company is right for you. Also, check the reviews section of the company, as it can provide you with crucial information.


Rogers PCBs have become extremely popular these days. They are used on numerous applications, which include microwaves, smartphone devices, and many more. These printed circuit boards work quicker than the FR4 PCBs and offer excellent performance. Furthermore, they are moisture resistant and have high-frequency level and thermal management.

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